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Apex is a active in tank storage logistics, and is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide. Apex tank farm is a multipurpose storage fuel terminal in the Russia Federation and in the Port of Rotterdam, Houston port. We offer multiple facilities at our quay and jetties. Choosing Apex tank farm means no translocating, we offer best service you need. No extra costs for stores, because your vessel can be serviced from land. No losing time by moving from one quay to the other. Apex tank farm terminals is a petroleum storage company registered in the russian federation with international storage. owner and operator of tank farms in the port of Rotterdam, Port of Primorsk, port of Naxodka, Port of vladivostok and port of ust-luga. The facilities and operator of these Tank Farms and oil terminals located in the various ports. Our Connections for barges, ships, trains and trucks. Flexible operating hours and fast loading and unloading times. On-site customs agents, document processing, and laboratories. All our sites are set up to make loading, unloading, and storing your product a quick and hassle-free process.



Standard deal services licensing and compliance to meet the needs of customers globally for the future, continually innovate to produce sustainable and responsible solutions for oil and gas production, refine and exploration

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Our Core Purpose


To be business leaders through technical distinction and superior customer service globally.


We provide optimum, most cost effective solutions to our customers


We are committed to providing services quality health and safety.


By embracing change, We grow, learn and drive the business towards a secure future


We are honest, quick thinking & efficient this implies that our commitments can be trusted


As empowered entrepreneurs, our teams create world leading products and solutions.

Company integrated System Outlines Standard

Special purpose operational expertise in business supplying with vision to rent tank for oil and gas explore and social impact.
At Apex, it's a dynamic, rapidly developing vertically integrated oil and gas production, and a leader in its field.
Quality corporate social responsibility principle operation. The Company's activities in this area are of systematic nature and care.

Our Recent Projects

Aviation Fuel

Our aviation fuel gives high performance to piston-engine aircraft and thereby significantly improving safety and ensures comfort with every flight.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Natural gas is expected to replace traditional fuel due to its environment friendly characteristics.


The upstream division of the company is responsible for our activities in oil and gas exploration.

Tank Storage

We globally operating a wild variety of liquid fuel and petroleum products storage facilities and logistics services 

Quality Control

The refinery’s certified laboratory, are responsible in handling and monitoring every refined petroleum products quality, at all stages.

Production Catalog

We refine a wide range of high quality petroleum, cleaner natural gas and other petro-chemical products in accordance to international ASTM and the Russia GOST standards.

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