Liquefied Natural Gas

More and more investors of new power and industry projects are considering natural gas or LNG as a possible source of energy supply. LNG has become a world commodity energy source, making it readily available. Governments worldwide promote the use of LNG for the future power mix and intend to install new and refurbish existing LNG  plants. This approach using low emission fuels will allow us to cope with the ambitious targets set for the reduction of greenhouse gases and other emissions while supporting a steady and healthy growth of the worldwide economy. Apex actively helps shape this expansion by managing customized projects of any type and size. In the last 20 years Apex has successfully designed and managed more than 50 projects around the world with capacities of up to 10 MTPA. We provides integrated, interdisciplinary services for LNG projects from the initial study, through the design and tender phase to commissioning and start-up. Emphasis is always placed on developing individual solutions that take complex framework conditions into account.

Chemical and Petrochemicals

Chemicals and petrochemicals have enabled the creation of novel materials and products in countless manufacturing industries and other fields such as agriculture, communication, and transportation. Petrochemicals are the foundation of virtually every modern industry and form a vital part of our lives. Objects, which make life easy and comfortable  – such as cars, computers, cell phones, children’s toys, household cleaning products, fertilizers and pharmaceutical drugs – are derived from petrochemicals. Apex guides its clients in developing new, innovative solutions for value creating hydrocarbons that can be integrated into proven engineering concepts. Finding ways to convert the precious hydrocarbon resource into a sustainable value chain loop for further generations is one of Apex’s strongest ambitions.


Underground Storage

In the energy industry, the storage of natural gas is important both to provide strategic reserves and to meet peak load demands. The simulation of all injection and withdrawal processes involved in the operation of gas storage facilities, the optimization of all plant components, the implementation of short switching and ramp-up times, and the installation of fully remote controlled systems are all part of the core competencies of Apex. Underground storage facilities are also used for mineral oil and mineral oil products.



We are living in the fourth industrial revolution: the digital interlinking of all processes right up to management and administrative systems. When modernizing industrial production facilities, the most important goals are to improve energy and material efficiency, optimize processes and make warehousing and logistics cost-efficient. The main challenge whilst pursuing these goals is the optimization of the human-machine interface using secure a Iot of solutions. Modernization of industrial facilities is today often to be embedded into a circular economy approach. Apex combines the knowledge of industrial processes with sustainable solutions and over decades developed project management know-how. Project implementation at Apex is often carried out in existing plants that are in operation. During this process, the minimization of shutdown times is the decisive criterion.